Richard I. Morris, Jr.

Independent shareholders’ representative


Year of birth: 1949
Nationality: American, British

Year of first appointment to the Supervisory Board: 2018
End of current appointment to the Supervisory Board: 2023


Harvard College

Professional career

Richard I. Morris, Jr., serves as an adviser to the private equity firm TA Associates. Until recently he was also a non-executive director of Merian Global Investors and of Söderberg & Partners. Previously he served as non-executive director of DNCA Finance SA, of Jupiter Fund Management, and of Arrowstreet Capital LP. He was also a director of Boston Private Financial Holdings from 2003 to 2009.

Mr Morris was Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Putnam Lovell Securities as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cursitor Alliance LLC and was a co-founder of the Cursitor companies.

Principal occupation

Advisor to TA Associates Management LP1

Other supervisory board positions and directorships outside DWS Group

  • Non-executive Director of Merian Global Investors Limited (until June 30, 2020)1
  • Non-executive Director of Söderberg & Partners AB (until September 16, 2019)1


1 not publicly listed company

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