Sylvie Matherat

Shareholders’ representative


Year of birth: 1962
Nationality: French

Year of first appointment to the Supervisory Board: 2018
End of current appointment to the Supervisory Board: 2023


  • Degree in “Public Law and Finance” from the Institut d’Etudes Politique de Paris, France
  • Master’s degree in law and political sciences
  • Award of membership in the “Légion d'Honneur” (2014)

Professional career

Sylvie Matherat joined Deutsche Bank in 2014 as Global Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs. She came from Banque de France where she was Deputy Director General and responsible for regulation and financial stability issues, payment and settlement infrastructures, banking services, and the Target 2 Securities project. Sylvie Matherat previously held various positions at the Banking Supervisory Authority and in the private sector.

Principal occupation

Member of the Management Board and Chief Regulatory Officer of Deutsche Bank AG1

Other supervisory board positions and directorships outside DWS Group

Member of the Board of Directors of DB USA Corporation2,3


1 publicly listed company
2 group mandate at Deutsche Bank AG
3 not publicly listed company

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