Committees of the Supervisory Board

Standing Committees of the Supervisory Board

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee generally supports the Supervisory Board in its monitoring activities, in particular, in monitoring the effectiveness of the risk management system, the auditing of the financial statements, especially with regard to the auditor’s independence and the additional services provided by the auditor as well as the Executive Board’s prompt remediation – through suitable measures – of any deficiencies that might be identified by the auditor and internal control functions based on internal and external audits, in particular any such deficiencies that might relate to any weaknesses that might be found in risk controls, non-compliance with policies, laws and regulatory requirements.


Ute Wolf – Chairwoman

Stephan Accorsini – Employee representative

Aldo Cardoso

Richard I. Morris, Jr.

Nomination Committee

The shareholder representatives on the Nomination Committee prepare the Supervisory Board’s proposals for the election or appointment of new shareholder representatives to the Supervisory Board. In this context, they take into account the statutory requirements, guidelines from supervisory authorities and criteria specified by the Supervisory Board for its composition as well as the balance and diversity of the knowledge, skills and experience of all members of the Supervisory Board, prepare a job description with a candidate profile, and state the time commitment associated with the tasks.


Karl von Rohr – Chairman

Margret Suckale

Richard I. Morris, Jr.

Said Zanjani – Employee representative

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee monitors the appropriate structure of the compensation systems for the employees and, in particular, the appropriate structure of the compensation for the Head of Compliance and for the employees who have a material influence on the overall risk profile of DWS KGaA and its subsidiaries (“DWS Group”). The committee also supports the Supervisory Board in monitoring the appropriate structure of the compensation systems for employees. The effects of the compensation systems on risk, capital and liquidity management shall be assessed and it shall be ensured that the compensation systems and the group-wide compensation strategy – in consideration of the corporate culture – are aligned to achieving the objectives set out in the business and risk strategies of DWS Group.


Margret Suckale – Chairwoman

Annabelle Bexiga

Aldo Cardoso

Erwin Stengele – Employee representative

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