Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity pursuant to §161 German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)

Declaration of Conformity 2019

The Managing Directors of DWS Management GmbH representing the general partner of DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA and the Supervisory Board of DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA submit the following declaration pursuant to section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG):

The last Declaration of Conformity was issued on March 4, 2019. Since then and under consideration of the specific characteristics of a partnership limited by shares as outlined in Section I below, DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA (“DWS KGaA“) has complied and will continue to comply with the recommendations of the “Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code” in the version dated February 7, 2017, as published in the Federal Gazette on April 24, 2017, subject to the deviations as disclosed in Section II.

Section I: Specific characteristics of the legal form of a partnership limited by shares

  • Taking into account the specific features of the legal form of a partnership limited by shares (Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien or “KGaA”) several recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code (“GCGC”) can only be applied in a modified way. The GCGC is geared towards the governance structure typical for a German stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft or ‟AG”) and does not consider specific characteristics of a KGaA.
  • In the legal form of a KGaA, the tasks and duties performed by the management board of an AG are undertaken by the general partners, who are determined in the articles of association of the KGaA and not by the supervisory board. The sole general partner of DWS KGaA is DWS Management GmbH (“DWSM GmbH”), who has the sole responsibility for the management of DWS KGaA, including all day-to-day management measures and representation of the company vis-à-vis third parties. The Managing Directors of DWSM GmbH jointly manage the business activities of DWSM GmbH and – with regard to the position of DWSM GmbH as the General Partner of DWS KGaA – the business activities of DWS KGaA.
  • The Supervisory Board of DWS KGaA has no authority to appoint and dismiss the Managing Directors of the General Partner or to preside over associated contractual arrangements, including the fixed and variable compensation of the Managing Directors. Such decisions are taken by the shareholders’ meeting of the General Partner. Certain management measures by the General Partner require prior approval from the shareholders‘ meeting of the General Partner.
  • In addition to the corporate bodies regulated by German law, the legal form of the KGaA allows for the establishment of additional governance bodies. DWS KGaA has put this in use and has set up the Joint Committee as an additional corporate body. Certain management measures, require the approval from the Joint Committee as set forth in the Articles of Association of DWS KGaA. Accordingly, DWSM GmbH may only take such measures with the consent of the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee also possesses a right of proposal with respect to the ratification of acts of management of the Managing Directors of DWSM GmbH and with respect to the determination of their variable compensation. Nonetheless, these proposals are legally not binding for the shareholders’ meeting of DWSM GmbH. The Joint Committee reports to the general meeting of DWS KGaA on its activities.
  • The authority and scope for influence of the supervisory board of a KGaA is limited as compared to the supervisory board of a stock corporation. In addition to the specifics above, the supervisory board of DWS KGaA as a mere supervisory body is not entitled to subject the management measures to its consent, or issue rules of procedure for DWSM GmbH. Such rights are reserved to the shareholders’ meeting of DWSM GmbH which can take these measures for the Managing Directors of DWSM GmbH.
  • The general meeting of the shareholders of a KGaA has in principle the same rights and responsibilities as the general meeting of a German stock corporation. In particular this includes the ratification of the acts of management of the general partner and the supervisory board, the election of shareholders’ representatives to the supervisory board, the voting on the appropriation of profits and the appointment of the external financial auditor. As defined by German law, the general meeting of a KGaA also approves the annual financial statements, which in the case of an AG is typically performed by the supervisory board and only subject to approval of the general meeting in exceptional cases if the management board and supervisory board decide that the general meeting shall approve, or the supervisory board refuses its approval. Certain material matters requiring a resolution of the general meeting, such as the approval of the annual financial statements but also measures aiming at structural changes such as mergers, a change in the legal for of the company or the conclusion of enterprise agreements, also require the consent of the general partner.

Section II: Deviations

  • Relating to No. 5.3.3, according to which the Supervisory Board shall form a Nomination Committee composed exclusively of shareholder representatives. Section 25 (d) para. 11 of the German Banking Act stipulates that the Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board must take on additional tasks that should be performed not solely by the shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board. Against this background, the Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board of DWS KGaA also comprises employee representatives. However, it will be ensured that the candidate recommendations for the election proposals to the general meeting will be prepared exclusively by the committee’s shareholder representatives.
  • Relating to No. 4.2.3 (2) sentence 6, according to which the amount of compensation for management board members shall be capped, both overall and with regard to variable compensation components. The existing employment contracts (in conjunction with equity plan conditions) of the members of the Managing Directors of DWSM GmbH do provide for a limit (cap) in the awarding of total compensation and their variable compensation components. In this context, however, some hold the view that such limits would have to apply not only to the granting and awarding of the compensation components but also to their later payout. Although DWS KGaA does not consider this view to be convincing, we state merely as a precautionary measure that a limit (cap) has not been set for the payout amount of deferred equity-based compensation and that therefore DWS KGaA deviates from the recommendation in No. 4.2.3 (2) sentence 6 according to this interpretation.

Frankfurt am Main, December 12, 2019

The Managing Directors of DWS Management GmbH
The Supervisory Board of DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA

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